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November 2022

Throughout November I have dealt with a variety of disputes relating to property. This highlights the importance of having experience in different seats before starting in the Dispute Resolution department, and, the information and skills I have learnt in the Property department when I first joined the firm has proved most valuable.

I have looked practically at a Tenant’s exercise of their break notice, how this is done properly and how notice ought to be served when the Landlord is part of a company structure involving a holding company. It is important that a break notice is served properly because if the period of time in which a notice is to be served expires: the Tenant would be bound for a further period of time to carry out their obligations in respect of the lease.

Additionally, I have dealt with the progression of a lease renewal under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. This matter has now lead to the issuing of proceedings and therefore I have looked actively at litigation timelines in order to ensure all deadlines are met and to forward plan for the next steps in the proceedings.

The Private Client department have also been working closely with the Dispute Resolution department this month as we deal with a variety of contentious probate matters - including; lack of formalities in executing a valid will and claims under the Inheritance (Provisions for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.

Rollits also held their annual Christmas party towards the back end of November!

October 2022

This month I have been involved with more dispute matters which have developed my skills as a litigator and analyst. When looking at claims and prospective claims, it is important that the fee earner can weigh up the information needed to establish prospects of success.

I have produced various pieces of advice for clients including information for a client on protected business tenancies under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954. I have also learnt much about strategy and timings, including how to best deal with matters that have elements that may change the approach we take in the future.

Alongside the drafting, client contact and advice; I have had the ability to attend some court hearings, including one for possession and one for matrimonial finances. The former involved me drafting and issuing of a High Court writ of possession - and the former involved active negotiation between the parties and liaising with the client and counsel in reaching a solution.

There have also been Extra-curricular events, we have hosted the first Education Breakfast Seminar; which was on Diversity Equality and Inclusion. I assisted with the preparation of the information for the seminar and also attended the event to assist with its running and have some client contact!

September 2022

My first month in the Dispute Resolution department has seen me deal with a variety of tasks which I had not dealt with as part of my training so far. It is always good to practice new skills, particularly in an area such as Dispute Resolution, which is very different to transactional areas of the law.

Specifically, I started the department and dealt with harassment under the Harassment Act 1997, which is something I have not looked at previously. It was interesting to see how the legislation facilitates claims for harassment and how this can be transposed in to a topical and current matter.

I have also done some research on Tree Preservation Orders (“TPOs”) and taken instructions from a client who’s land is burdened with TPOs and who needs to fell a tree that is causing structural damage to their property. Though this is not your typical dispute, it could well have turned in to one and therefore we were given it to deal with.

In terms of extra-curricular activities this month, Rollits held their annual Heritage Open Days - which saw members of the public attend seminars and check out archaic artefacts to learn about the rich history of the firm, along with the history of our predecessors and founders.

August 2022

August marks my last month in the Corporate department and the end of my third seat. I will be moving in to Dispute Resolution in September to complete my final six months of training!

I have completed a wider variety of tasks this month and have been involved in some more complex transactions; including a re-organisation/hive up. There are requisite steps that need to be taken in relation to re-organisations and therefore tens of documents needed to be drafted. I had the opportunity to draft most of these, including; various board minutes, written resolutions, SH10s, articles of association, stock transfer forms, S.431 elections and an asset transfer agreement.

There have been terms agreed on another large transaction and as part of the due diligence (“DD”) process I have assessed a lengthy DD report and marked up specific parts of the DD where indemnities ought to be required. A meeting was also held to discuss and evaluate the DD responses on all areas of the law surrounding the acquisition, including; property, IP, IT, data protection, employment, corporate records, commercial and consumer contracts and banking and finance - amongst others.

June 2022

June marks my first month in the Corporate, Charities and Commercial department within the firm.

I have already been set tasks ahead of corporate completions, including drafting of board minutes and reviewing documentation. My skills when providing advice to client have also been utilised, with advice been given on; board meetings, general meetings, dilution of share capital and statutory pre-emption rights.

I have also carried out a variety of research on charities, their charitable objects, incorporation status (including requirements of incorporation for Scottish charities) and I have assessed a charity to assist with incorporation.

Alongside the pure charity aspects I have also seen how charities which are incorporated as charitable companies integrate within company law and the repercussions this can have on charitable status.

There were a number of events which I attended this month as part of Bizweek - this was a great opportunity to network and speak to other young professionals in the area.

Overall, it was a busy month - as we also had the summer vacation scheme students in for two weeks and it was great to provide support and feedback to them on tasks which were set.

May 2022

The employment department has been particularly busy in May. I have dealt with more specialist aspects of employment law and have conducted research on complex aspects of law, including; implied terms, express terms, incorporation of terms in to a contract through custom and practice and dealing with settlement agreements.

I will be moving to the corporate department in June and look forward to observing how employment law integrates with corporate acquisitions and sales.

April 2022

April has been another busy month in the employment department. I have dealt with more complex aspects of employment law and have specifically been introduced to the crossover with employment and acquisitions/corporate law. I have dealt with the calculation of statutory redundancy payments, settlement agreements and service agreements.

I have also carried out research on neuro-diversity which is an emerging area in employment law. April also gave me an opportunity to deal with intricate drafting, including letters before claim setting out a client prospective claim and situational facts. As part of another corporate transaction I dealt with drafting aspects of a Legal Due Diligence Questionnaire and liaising with the client to provide additional information.

March 2022

March marks the half way point of my training contract and I have now joined the Employment Team. I have carried out a variety of new tasks and built up my employment knowledge which I gained through my studies.

I have liaised with client and counsel and carried out extensive research in to redundancy, unfair dismissal, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, striking out and dismissing claims. I have also dealt with drafting of consultancy agreements, bonus schemes and advice relative to GDPR and immigration laws.

February 2022

February has marked the final month in the Private Client department and also the half-way point of my Training Contract! The last year has gone incredibly quick and I have learnt a spectrum of different skills when working towards qualification.

This month I have dealt with progressing transactions and also with overreaching of trustees on the sale of a property. At the end of January I was seconded to Employment earlier in order to provide assistance with their case load; I have dealt with a handful of research tasks stemming from contractual obligations of a COT3 settlement agreement and civil claims such as slander and libel.

January 2022

January marked the start the new year and I have progressed transactions which I have been involved with before Christmas.

I have dealt with more complex issues arising from intestacy and have looked at post-death variation; including deeds of variation and disclaimers, applied these to a matter and provided a solution and plan for ensuring a deceased’s family benefit from known wishes. Intestacy can be complex and dealing with this with a post-death variation has been challenging and enhanced my trust law knowledge.

I also continued to carry out general tasks in the department, including drafting; Wills, LPAs, Deputyship Orders and trust instruments. I have continued to administer estates and carry out client instructions relating to the sale of assets.

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